Mónica Hervera


Professional Experience

Professional practice focused mainly on the transports law, with special dedication to Air Law, road transports Law (both national and international), Maritime Law and Insurance Law.

Intervention before the Spanish Courts in proceedings related to air accidents, mainly in defence of air companies, their insurers, handling operators, etc.

Advice to air companies and their insurers on questions related to air legislation.

Negotiations with passengers / cargo interests / their lawyers regarding compensations resulting from air navigation incidents.

Advice on drafting and negotiating all type of air contracts.

Advice to handling operators on claims regarding their professional activity.

Intervention before the Spanish Courts in proceedings related to road transport incidents, mainly in defence of road carriers and their insurers.

Advice to road carriers and their insurers on questions related to road transport Law.

Negotiations with road carriers / insurers regarding compensations resulting from road transport incidents.

Advice to foreign insurance companies and foreign insurance brokers on insurance issues. Review of insurance documents.

Advice to injured people as a consequence of road and train accidents and negotiation of their compensations with the pertinent insurance companies.

Intervention before the Spanish Courts in proceedings of recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments in Spain.

Intervention in arbitration proceedings related to transports, both national and international.

Implementation and handling of the cargo claims department of some Spanish shipping companies (TRASATLÁNTICA and NAVICÓN), handling all its cargo claims and taking care both of the negotiation of the claims and their judicial defence and hypothetical recoveries.

Working for Spanish Insurance companies regarding the recovery of compensations, related both to maritime and road transport incidents.

Intervention before the Courts in all kind of proceedings, mainly maritime ones.

Legal advice to maritime companies, insurers, freight forwarders, maritime agencies… on issues related to their professional activities.

Mediation and pre-litigation advice on contractual discussions.

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